Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's Be Good

In the world of unsettled worries, constant stress,
the lack of time to show that little bit of love to ourselves and those around us,

Be it
Preparing a healthier meal;
5 minutes of silence for ourselves;
Cuddling with a book;
Listening to our children or partner;
Singing along to our favourite music
Showing thanks and appreciation

I used to chase the worldly pleasure to a point where I don’t see, hear or know who I myself is anymore. Am not here to preach and say I have the solution. I don’t.

But I want to make a pledge and an effort to help myself and those like myself to
be good to the mind – read a good book
be good to your health – eat the most delicious food and yet it is healthy
be good to your soul – follow your heart and listen to what it tell you
be good to your family and friends – give them a little bit of your time
be good to your body – exercise
Let’s Be Good

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